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1:1 Leadership & Management Coaching with Leaders & Managers

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching can be a truly life-changing experience. Working with a coach allows you the benefit of having someone who can help you uncover your blind spots and guide you through situations in which you may not have the experience to navigate. With coaching, you will have a partner who is deeply invested in your growth and success. A coach is someone who will not only listen, support you, and hold you accountable; but also someone who will ask the tough, thought-provoking questions, cheer you on, and celebrate your successes.

Our partnership will promote deep thinking, help you see things in different ways, and from different perspectives. Sessions will improve motivation, development, and higher performance. Work towards the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment that you are seeking.

I’ve worked with administrative personnel, professional service providers, leads, managers, executives, physicians, healthcare professionals, research scientists, and many other professionals towards career advancement and the development of leadership skills.

I can help you too.

How Private Coaching Works

My approach is simple, supportive, dedicated and results-driven. I work with my clients in either a group or private setting to help them achieve success in accomplishing their goals and desires.

In my experience, this occurs through perspective, awareness, thought provoking breakthroughs, and easy-to-implement strategies for success.

I’ve also found that this is accomplished when people feel safe, comfortable, are challenged, motivated, have accountability, and are celebrated for their success.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

We will work together to develop a custom plan for you in terms of accomplishing your career and/or leadership development goals. This could just mean a few sessions to help you uncover barriers, assess your skills, and discover new opportunities.

It could also mean working together long-term to overcome your challenges and develop the skills needed for you to truly find your purpose.

Clients frequently work with me on an ongoing basis to receive the continued benefit of having me in their corner to guide, support, challenge, motivate, and celebrate them. Many clients find that our partnership allows them to not only achieve their goals, but to perform at a higher level and continue to deliver stellar results.