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Optimize your life with professional career and leadership guidance

My job is to help you become your best self by teaching leadership, business, wellness and professional development strategies

About Angelie Kapoor
My career & leadership consulting services are your next step towards success.

Following a long career in the healthcare industry, I dedicated myself to learning the art of work-life balance and how to become better in my field. Once I learned the various measures I had to take to optimize my career, I made it my mission to teach others how to do the same. I developed a comprehensive approach that combines awareness, self-care, goal setting, leadership, wellness and so much more.

Many professionals do not realize how intertwined their personal and professional lives really are. Certain practices however, such as leadership, confidence, and goal setting, bleed into all parts of life, making them all the more important. I now offer services as a keynote speaker, as well as a workshop facilitator, helping individuals all over the world to optimize their lives.

Angelie Kapoor posing with a stethescope around her neck

My passion is working with ambitious spirits in the healthcare industry. My services are especially tailored towards women, helping them fulfill their career goals, pursue their greatest desires, and develop the leadership skills to elevate them to the next level. I help my clients establish the balance and alignment their heart craves to thrive in both their career, and at home.

One of my primary goals is to raise the level of awareness and consciousness of those working in the healthcare industry so that they can reach their fullest potential. My services also encourage those in healthcare management to look at their teams from a different perspective.

We tend to play small, but it's time to start playing big! My services can help empower you and your team to reach great heights. My mission is to share my knowledge, experience, and insights with fellow healthcare professionals to help them become more aware in the workplace and in their personal lives.

My workshops and keynote speaking services have proven to produce major breakthroughs, help clients get unstuck, and give people the tools they need to move forward with their goals.

The Healthcare Industry is Unique...

The healthcare industry is unique in that it not only provides people with the opportunity to make a living, but it also provides unique opportunities for career growth and advancement. In this industry, there are countless opportunities for specialization and innovation.

Healthcare also has the unique responsibility of not only serving communities, but also improving their overall health.

My Experience

During my career of over 17 years in the healthcare industry, I climbed the ranks from an entry level position to and through several leadership and management roles. My experience during this time taught me two things:

One, we are all in search of professional fulfillment and the feeling that we are contributing to our communities in a meaningful way.

Two, there is an urgent need for strong, capable leaders who are fully-equipped to manage and lead productive, efficient, high-performing teams for successful, healthy, thriving businesses and communities.

Ultimately, there is a lack of leadership training in healthcare. Part of my mission is to fill that gap. Many leaders and managers are chosen or promoted because of their work performance, and not necessarily for their ability to lead people.

The time that I’ve spent as a business owner in the past few years has also shown me the need for clarity, support, and actionable knowledge that creates results. I am here to provide that.

How I can help you

I specialize in helping those in the healthcare industry develop career, leadership, and business success strategies. Over the years, I’ve not only developed the skills and expertise, but also a keen understanding of the complex issues that we face in the industry; especially in the volatile economy that we are experiencing today.

My vast experience in leadership roles, management, and business operations has helped me develop the skills to teach others how to successfully apply the right strategies in the proper succession to empower them to grow professionally and financially.

One of my greatest talents is helping people cultivate clarity, focus, awareness, and simplicity. This process starts by exposing flaws and inaccuracies that we all have and explaining why they are hindering success in various areas of life.

My career, business, and leadership growth model is perfectly positioned to help those in the healthcare industry realize their dreams. I can help you create your dream career, leadership skills, and business success. More importantly, I will teach you how to stay in alignment with your true passion to achieve personal, financial, and professional fulfillment.

-Most days you can find me curled up on the couch reading or watching sci-fi movies. I am also known for my obsession with busting out some dance moves on the dance floor (which is actually how I met my husband – salsa dancing!)

How I got here

I originally got into healthcare with the desire to help and serve others. As I rose through the ranks, I had this sinking feeling that I wasn’t making the impact that I was capable of. Does this sound like you?

Now, as a speaker, writer, and strategist, I work with people in healthcare, helping them become aware, conscious, and clear on their goals. I empower my clients to understand what’s been holding them back and help them develop the skills they need to truly thrive. My current role is to help others find their purpose and reach fulfillment in their careers and at home.

I offer a unique blend of personal experience combined with a natural ability to listen, comfort, and support others. Having developed an empowering process, I am now able to guide and support women in making their dreams a reality. My approach is simple, supportive, and results driven. I’m dedicated to bringing you clarity, awareness, and 'aha moments' that challenge you and hold you accountable all while making you feel safe, supported, and celebrated for all your success.

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