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Is Leadership Development for Everyone?
by Angelie Kapoor

I’ve been asked this question a few times. My astounding reply is always yes! I know what people are thinking when they ask this question. The real core of this question is, is everyone able to lead? Yes, absolutely! Everyone possesses the qualities to be able to lead therefore those qualities can be developed in order to be utilized in life each and every day in both personal and professional life.

In my experience, people view leaders as authority figures, people who have power. Most of us may have grown up with the idea that those who are meant to lead are born with the skills and talents to do so. Some might even think that if there are too many who are leading, there won’t be enough of those following. Let’s explore these.

Leaders as Authority Figures

One type of leader is a leader in a leadership role or in a position of power. This is how most people define a leader. While a title may give authority, leaders must also possess the necessary skills to establish and maintain healthy relationships in order to motivate, engage and inspire. A true leader in a leadership role is able to empower and influence others to be accountable, to contribute and to see and work toward the bigger vision.

When we look at the corporate world, companies tend to hire people for supervisory and managerial roles based on their tenure and their success in their previous positions which may not have included leading others. A recent study by indicated that a telling 58 percent of managers stated that they did not receive any management training when hired or promoted to their positions.

Natural Born Leaders

People also tend to have the idea that leaders are born with the skills and talents to lead. Though there is some truth to this, yes. There are some people who just have this as a strength and are comfortable being able to do this in a variety of situations.

For others, they find their "leader” emerges during certain situations. Usually when they find something they are passionate about, they find their strength as a leader. Everyone is able to be the leader of their own life. To be able to lead when it comes to their goals and their desires. Everyone has something they are passionate about. Everyone is able to influence and inspire. With the proper tools and techniques everyone can develop their leader within them.

If there are so many Leaders, who will follow?

I’ve heard people say, if there are so many leaders in the world, who will follow? We all do not lead the same way and we each have something different to share, give and say. We each have our own strengths in our own areas. We influence, empower and inspire in our own ways. Essentially we are all leading as well as following in a beautiful industry of influence.

As you can see there are different types of leaders. As mentioned before, everyone has the qualities of a leader and is capable of enhancing and developing their leadership skills according to their needs and desires to use their skills in their life each and every day.

Are you ready to find your emerging leader or develop your leadership skills?

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