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The Dance of Manipura (The Solar Plexus Chakra)
Julington Durbin Creek

Last year before the world was changed by the pandemic, I had a profound experience while at a retreat with a dance session I attended. This was not like other dance classes I’ve taken like Zumba, cardio dance, hip hop dance or salsa dance. This dance session initiated internal discovery, being re-connected with what felt was my essence, a part of me I wasn’t even aware I was disconnected from. I became re-acquainted with my light and the potential it has to shine so brightly.

It was such a profound experience for me. I immediately knew this type of transformative dance was something that I needed to explore deeper, become involved with and share with others in order to help them become more empowered, more connected with not only themselves but with everything around them.

In my search to find the right dance program, I stumbled on to Chakradance™. Chakradance™ was created and founded by Natalie Southgate in the 1990s. She conducted the very first Chakradance™ in 1998 in the Amadeus Centre in London.

Chakradance™ is a movement therapy that integrates the body, mind and spirit through free-flowing movements. It’s a blend of movement and music of specific frequencies that invites the freeing of energies in the body, healing and transforming for a deeper life experience. This can be attested by thousands who have experienced the balancing of energy creating a new sense of living, a sense of calm and ease in what can be a turbulent world that we live in today as we all know from this past year.

Stumbling onto Chakradance™ was by no mistake I’m certain, as it is a perfect combination of dance, which I have loved since I was a child, and the chakra system, our energy system, which I’ve been fascinated with for the past few years.

When I tried Chakradance™ for the first time, I had an even more profound experience than what I experienced at the retreat I attended. I experienced such a powerful experience of focusing inwards and connecting once again with my light, my essence on a much deeper level. Connecting with my soul, hearing and listening with awe and wonder.

I knew immediately that Chakradance™ was something that had immediately become a part of me and something I needed to bring to others to experience as well. To share with the world, to share with you, this integration of body, mind and spirit which enables you to live and experience a different, deeper life experience.

Following is my experience with the movement therapy of the Solar Plexus chakra, Manipura, as I went through the intense facilitator training where we deeply explored each of the seven main chakras.

About Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

The solar plexus chakra is found between your navel and the base of your sternum. It is where our ‘gut feelings’ come from - the intuition from the belly – that we find is rarely wrong.

Manipura, Sanskrit for ‘lustrous gem’, is the seat of our personal power and will. Our solar plexus chakra acts like our own personal sun, generating and distributing energy, in the vibrant color of yellow. When activated, this chakra energizes our whole system which fires up our power, drive and sense of purpose.

The element of fire is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Just as fire burns and generates energy, our solar plexus fuels our metabolism. This chakra is responsible for the health of our digestive system.

Manipura is the seat of our masculine, yang consciousness which is found in both men and women. In exploring Manipura, men will explore their masculine qualities while women will engage with inner masculine energy within them. For both sexes, working with this energy strengthens our rational and analytical abilities, while igniting our inner warrior qualities - our inner confidence and determination, allowing us to rediscover our own unique individuality.

When the solar plexus chakra is excessive in energy, symptoms of this include becoming over-controlling of others as a way of gaining power. This excessive energy can also show as extreme competitiveness, aggressive outbursts and judgmental attitudes. With the solar plexus in over-drive, we can fill our schedules with constant activity, which can result in extreme workaholic-ism, obsessive fitness routines, or even the pursuit of impossible goals.

When the solar plexus is deficient in energy, symptoms can be seen in someone who gives away power and control – who becomes submissive to others. This often leads to low self-esteem, loss of personal drive, motivation, will and spontaneity. When we lose energy or power, we also lose touch with our unique individuality, and find it quite easy and simple to just follow the crowd. And our fire has gone out, we feel empty, aimless and lacking in energy.

Now a balanced solar plexus chakra, which is what we want, enables us to move through life with genuine confidence and high self-esteem. With this inner strength, we are more likely to find our true purpose and direction in life, and will have the courage to embark on this journey.

Dance of Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

When it came time to focus on the solar plexus chakra, I knew that the week of dedication and focus would be a lot of work for me as I already knew that my solar plexus was in dire need of some healing. I knew this because of my symptoms of inconsistent energy levels, my struggle to complete tasks, my concern of what others thought and my awareness of how I sought out approval from others and how I struggled with standing up for myself. I was aware that I gave my power to others and in the past focused on serving others to the detriment of myself. My hope in focusing and working with my Solar Plexus chakra was to have major insights, to begin healing and for integration of all my chakra healing as I continued on my journey.

When it came time for my Manipura dance, my intention was to continue my journey of healing and transformation. To focus on my solar plexus chakra, to connect with my inner warrior, my inner power and to burn away the things that were hindering me, holding me back and that did not serve me such as judgement, comparison, and the negative thoughts and voice of my inner critic. To re-align with my confidence and strength. To know that I am worthy and to speak up for myself when needed. I also asked arch angel Samuel for guidance in re-discovering my confidence, my inner power and to help me emerge from the cleansing fire stronger and more balanced.

My dance experience wasn’t what I expected. At first I had a bit of a hard time finding my rhythm with the music as I’m not use to masculine movements and energy. Though I’ve spent a majority of my career in more masculine structures, patterns and behaviors, I’m not use to moving with such power or intention.

I was surprised at the presence of my masculine warrior. I began moving in a masculine posture, doing martial arts moves and feeling more confident and powerful. I felt the dance ended rather quickly after I had just started to really connect with my inner masculine energy. Where did the time go?

After my Manipura dance, I spent some time with my mandala reflection which is where we reflect artistically on what may have come up for us during the dance. It’s a beautiful, insightful activity where you try not to draw with your mind but with your intuition and spirit. During my mandala reflection, fire and a bright yellow diamond emerged and poured out onto the page.

For me, it spoke of burning away of all that did not serve me, all that had been limiting me and holding me back. It spoke of burning away the doubt, the judgement, the comparison. It spoke of burning away of all the behaviors and patterns that did not serve me and that I didn’t need.

It spoke of power, warrior energy and the inner power and strength burning brightly within.

I also experienced feeling sensations in my solar plexus chakra area which started right after I stopped dancing my Manipura dance. It was quite exciting and fascinating to physically feel the energy which had been activated during my dance.

Reflections of My Manipura Experience

Reflection – Dancing Manipura that week really helped me to become re-acquainted with my inner power and inner strength. It helped me to re-discover my uniqueness and my individuality. It helped me to grow more confident and have a higher self-esteem.

What Next?

So much empowerment has come for me from going through this powerful, amazing experience of profound discovery and reconnection with my soul. It’s an experience not just of discovery and reconnection but of healing and transformation. I find it so astonishing to have experienced so much in just a few weeks!

I am deeply inspired and impassioned to continue my work with Chakradance™, to continue to become aligned and balanced.

I am also inspired and excited to bring this experience to my community and around the world to those whom I am to support in their experience of this profound discovery, connection, healing and transformation.

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