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The Dance of Muladhara (The Base chakra)
by Angelie Kapoor

A number of months ago, I had a profound experience while at a retreat with a dance session I attended. This was not like other dance classes I’ve taken like Zumba, cardio dance, hip hop dance or salsa dance. This dance session initiated internal discovery, being re-connected with what felt like my true self, a part of me I wasn’t even aware I was disconnected from. I became re-acquainted with my true light and the potential it has to shine so brightly.

It was such a profound experience for me, I immediately knew this type of transformative dance was something that I needed to explore deeper and become involved with and share with others.

In my search to find the right dance program, I stumbled on to Chakradance™. Chakradance™ was created and founded by Natalie Southgate in the 1990s. She conducted the very first Chakradance™ in 1998 in the Amadeus Centre in London.

Chakradance™ is a movement therapy that integrates the body, mind and spirit through free-flowing movements. It’s a blend of movement and music of specific frequencies that invites the freeing of energies in the body, healing and transforming for a deeper life experience. This can be attested by thousands who have experienced the balancing of energy creating a new sense of living, a sense of calm and ease in what can be a turbulent world that we live in today.

Stumbling onto Chakradance™ was by no mistake I’m certain as it is a perfect combination of dance, which I have loved since I was a child and the chakra system which I’ve been fascinated with for the last couple of years or so.

When I tried Chakradance™ for the first time, I unbelievably had an even more profound experience than what I experienced at the retreat I attended. I experienced such a powerful experience of focusing inwards and connecting once again with my true self but on a much deeper level. Connecting with my soul, hearing and listening with awe and wonder.

I knew immediately that Chakradance™ was something that had become a part of me and something I needed to bring to others to experience as well. To share with the world, to share with you, this integration of body, mind and spirit which enables a different, a deeper way of experiencing life.

Following is my experience with the movement therapy of the base chakra, Muladhara as I went through the intense facilitator training, where we deeply explored each of the seven main chakras.

Dance of Muladhara (Base Chakra)

My movement therapy experience of Muladhara began with setting an intention. My intention was to begin my chakra healing. To feel strong in my stability and belonging. To feel in tune with my body and to treat it as the temple it is. My intention was to feel and listen in order to become aligned.

My Muladhara dance was unexpected and insightful. I was filled with joy and felt enlightened afterwards for the rest of the day as well as a couple of days after.

My experience of free-flowing movement to the earth connecting sounds and frequencies of the music began with my eyes tearing up, emotions I wasn’t expecting. I felt connected with the music, connected with my primitive warrior woman and to the earth and nature. I also had animal guides come up in my experience, the dragon, the snake and the white tiger.

When it came time to draw my mandala, which in Chakradance™ is utilized to visually express as well as further integrate our experience. Creativity just flowed from within on to the circle on the paper in from of me. I didn’t even need to think, it just all flowed onto the page.

Upon further reflection of my experience as well as my mandala, I found through research that the snake animal guide signifies needing to concentrate awareness of my surroundings and to become more watchful of potential dangers. It’s also a reminder that in order to move forward, I must work with my environment, listen and watch carefully and act at just the right moment.

The meaning of the white tiger animal spirit is strength, fierceness, fearlessness and spiritual awakening. To absorb and understand my deeper life messages.

The dragon spirit guide is associated with heaven and water while cohesively the white tiger is associated with earth and soil. The dragon signifies to choose wisely which pursuits I spend my energy on. To not waste efforts on things that will not bring positivity. And instead of using speed and aggression, to slow down, listen closely and wait for the perfect time.

In days following, I noticed that I started to have odd dreams. I did not try and interpret them, I just received, witnessed and observed what came up. Many of my dreams were from the past, I felt that I needed to let these things of the past go in order to heal and be more empowered moving forward.

I also experienced an odd sense of calm and joy during a day of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. It was an odd feeling as normally during rainstorms I feel a bit low and honestly do not like the rain.

This time it felt cleansing. I felt that nature and Mother Earth were speaking through the cracks of thunder, bolts of lightning and the sound of the rainfall. Instead of feeling low in my mood and energy, this storm brought me energy, inspiration and motivation. As I sat in my office working, I enjoyed listening to Mother Nature through the sounds of the thunderstorm and rain.

Reflections of My Muladhara Experience

My reflections a week later after my experience with the movement therapy of the base chakra, the dance of Muladhara was that I found that my diet changed during that week. I found that I was choosing more healthy and nutritious foods. I also found myself and my husband discussing matters like our home, finances and family. My husband also received a great work opportunity during that time. I also found myself cleaning in various areas of our home such as cleaning out closets, organizing the garage and my office.

*Stay tuned as I share my continued experience of my Chakradance™ journey! Up next, my experience with the the Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana……*

What Next?

Such empowerment has come from going through this powerful, amazing experience of profound discovery and reconnection with my soul. It’s an experience not just of discovery and reconnection but of healing and transformation. I find it so astonishing to have experienced so much in just a few weeks!

I am deeply inspired and impassioned to continue my work with Chakradance™, to continue to become aligned and balanced.

I am also inspired and excited to bring this experience to my community and around the world to those whom I am to support in their experience of this profound discovery, connection, healing and transformation.

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