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The Dance of Svadhisthana (The Sacral Chakra)
A morning yoga session peering into the jungle in Ubud, Bali.

A number of months ago, I had a profound experience while at a retreat with a dance session I attended. This was not like other dance classes I’ve taken like Zumba, cardio dance, hip hop dance or salsa dance. This dance session initiated internal discovery, being re-connected with what felt like my true self, a part of me I wasn’t even aware I was disconnected from. I became re-acquainted with my true light and the potential it has to shine so brightly.

It was such a profound experience for me, I immediately knew this type of transformative dance was something that I needed to explore deeper and become involved with and share with others.

In my search to find the right dance program, I stumbled on to Chakradance™. Chakradance™ was created and founded by Natalie Southgate in the 1990s. She conducted the very first Chakradance™ in 1998 in the Amadeus Centre in London.

Chakradance™ is a movement therapy that integrates the body, mind and spirit through free-flowing movements. It’s a blend of movement and music of specific frequencies that invites the freeing of energies in the body, healing and transforming for a deeper life experience. This can be attested by thousands who have experienced the balancing of energy creating a new sense of living, a sense of calm and ease in what can be a turbulent world that we live in today.

Stumbling onto Chakradance™ was by no mistake I’m certain as it is a perfect combination of dance, which I have loved since I was a child and the chakra system which I’ve been fascinated with for the last couple of years or so.

When I tried Chakradance™ for the first time, I unbelievably had an even more profound experience than what I experienced at the retreat I attended. I experienced such a powerful experience of focusing inwards and connecting once again with my true self but on a much deeper level. Connecting with my soul, hearing and listening with awe and wonder.

I knew immediately that Chakradance™ was something that had become a part of me and something I needed to bring to others to experience as well. To share with the world, to share with you, this integration of body, mind and spirit which enables a different, a deeper way of experiencing life.

Following is my experience with the movement therapy of the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana as I went through the intense facilitator training, where we deeply explored each of the seven main chakras.

Dance of Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

My Svadhisthana experience started with setting an intention. My intention was to continue my healing journey towards alignment, balance and transformation. My was already aware that my sacral chakra was in need of a lot of healing and attention due to my years-long fertility struggle as well as my tendency to hold in my emotions as well as my ability to relate to my feelings. I asked archangel Gabriel for fertility guidance and blessings. And Hathor, Lakshmi and Istar for connection with my feminine emotions, sensations and power.

During my Svadhisthana experience, I was able to connect with the music and find my rhythm. What came up for me was that my feminine holds so much emotion and sensuality. My feminine is a place of tranquility and holds so much to be explored. My spirit wants to go there but is blocked. During the experience, my body wanted to open up, my spirit wanted to get emotional but something kept holding me back. The words, ‘let go’ and ‘trust’ kept coming to me during my dance. This is a chakra that I feel needs more attention and work to balance.

During my mandala reflection, my mandala really started to speak to me regarding its meaning and what it wanted me to be aware of. Feminine power, strength and sensuality. That emotions – letting them flow and understanding my feelings fuels my feminine power and strength. No hiding, no shame, no guilt. Emotions will open up a whole new door for me. My mandala was trying to help me become more conscious of the sacred feminine inside of me and how powerful she is. That instead of holding in my emotions, realize that letting them flow and working with my feelings fuels the strength and power of my feminine.

Reflections of My Svadthishana Experience

Reflection – Dancing Svadthishana that week really helped me to get re-centered with my emotions after such emotional overwhelm and turmoil from the past couple of weeks. I felt more aware of my feminine power, strength and how its fueled by my emotional energy flowing freely.

What Next?

Such empowerment has come from going through this powerful, amazing experience of profound discovery and reconnection with my soul. It’s an experience not just of discovery and reconnection but of healing and transformation. I find it so astonishing to have experienced so much in just a few weeks!

I am deeply inspired and impassioned to continue my work with Chakradance™, to continue to become aligned and balanced.

I am also inspired and excited to bring this experience to my community and around the world to those whom I am to support in their experience of this profound discovery, connection, healing and transformation.

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